Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's My Party Freebie

Yep, it is my party... I 'll cry if I wanna! In a week I will be having a milestone birthday that I am NOT looking forward to. I turn (gasp) 40! Instead of freaking  out (well ok a little bit freaking out) I decided to focus on a birthday kit :)

This mini kit has 12 papers and 30 ellies. Personal use only, as usual.

You can find the papers here  and the elements are here

Hope you can use this and I would love to see your pages :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. Beautiful for birthdays. Denise (Belgium)

Linda said...

Thank You for the adorable kit.
Happy Birthday!!!

Dee said...

Thanks so much for this colorful, adorable birthday kit!

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday!! 40's not so bad, I've only got a couple left to the big 50 and I'm sooooo not looking forward to that! LOL

Poly said...

I just saw you freebie kit hacked on site called Downturk. here's the link:
The hacker/Pirate goes by the name of xHasterx
Down on the site you'll find link "Contact us", clik on it and send them message including this link from their site and ask them to remove it... Also ask them to remove xHasterx
If you don't get answer in 24 hours let me know - I'm member on Downturk, maybe my e-mails will have more power