Friday, November 2, 2012

Kiddie Halloween Final

Soo sorry this is late! Sometimes life just interrupts and I get distracted. Here is the final week of stuff for Kiddie Halloween. Not everything shown in the preview. I hope some of you found these little kiddie type things useful ;0)

You can grab the final part here
Thanks for looking and I will be back soon with some November goodies

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Unknown said...

Unlike you, Halloween is not my favorite holiday but I always enjoyed it when my children were young. I am a Nana that lives thousands of miles from my GBs. I miss them more than words can say. I spent 3 months with them in spring 2013. I taught my only gd traditional scrapbooking while I was there. She was only 7 but caught on very quickly. I hope to teach myself digi-scraping while recovering from severe illnesses. I hope that the next visit with them I will be able to teach her digi-scrapping as well.
She is exceptionally bright and loves anything scrapbooking.
Thank you so much for these adorable kiddie Halloween items. I like all of them and know that they will work together wonderfully.
Thank you also for not being in such a hurry to remove them from the internet as some designer do. I would not have these to share in teaching my now 8yo gd this new art form. Thank you again. May you and yours have the Best year in 2014. Love and prays from a Nana.