Thursday, March 29, 2012

People are dumb

Yes a long absence once again and the reason is simple. People are dumb. I was reported today to 4shared for abuse. I had a file called Turtle Boy. It was a scrap kit. Unfortunately it shared its name with the main character which is a for sale 3d model. People.. I DO NOT SHARE the things I purchase from RDNA, Daz, Renderosity etc. Just because you see a file name with the same name as a paid item don't jump to conclusions.
I had to take down turtle boy. If you saw it and wanted it let me know and I will see if I still have it and reupload it with a different name.

People asking for things I won't give and reporting me for things I don't do have made me step back from this. Sorry about that. Maybe soon I will continue on.


Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry to hear of your discouragement. Seems so many are feeling that way. (What's wrong with people - looking so hard to find fault and things to whine about, then the others stealing your stuff) You've been so generous and i've missed all your great work.. Hope you find a way to get joy from your work again. But i know it's tuff. Thanks again for all you've shared.
Grandma Judi

Linda said...

Hey sorry to hear about what happened with you and hope all is well dont let what others say about you life can be tuff but keep your chin up i will pray for you be able to get your life back soon hon people are dumb and cruel thanks for all you do and things you shared with us who follow you may god bless you hon.

Donna said...

Hi- I thought I would let you know that a gal from Germany had stopped by my blog and had seen a few of my scrapbooking pages that I had done with your kit "wanna Be a Cowboy" and was wondering where I had gotten it from. So I sent her to your site. I checked to see if you still had it for download, and you did. So hopefully she can find it.
If you are interested in seeing some of the pages that I did with your kit, you can check them out at I think I did 3 or 4 different pages with that kit of yours.
Hugs Donna