Saturday, November 15, 2008


Well, I have gotten this award a couple times, thanks to Trish for the latest one :)

And thank you Joni for this new one.

The rules say I have to tell you all seven of my favorite things and pass this along to seven others.

7 things I love
1. My Family
2. My Kitties
3. the smell of rain
4. making graphics
5. talking with my friends
6. watching old movies(like Wizard of Oz which I'm doing now)
7. Mountain Dew

Now, onto the seven I pass the award along to:

1. Shabby Pumpkin ~ she's closed but still...

Should be back early morning to post the next freebie for ya :)

1 comment:

Stacy said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful award. I truely appreciate it. You have a wonderful blog. I love the little characters you include in some of your kits. The Bedtime Stories characters are so adorable!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!