Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ciara's Scrap Kit Mini

My youngest daughter , at 13, has become a strange little thing. Emo, skulls, pink n black.. so I made this little kit to use for some of her photos and thought I'd share. (Don't laugh at my skull, he's kinda pointy LOL) Papers,frames, ribbons,tags etc

Not everything shown

Let me know what ya think(Still thinking on the Rays kit,my minds kinda blank)

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Dianna said...

Ed had asked me over the summer what the deal was with "all the skulls". I said I thought I was the natural progression of the goth movement - sort of a way of accepting it back into society. Most kids, even when happy, go through a natural progression of loneliness - the "no one understands me" phase, so the emo stuff seems to appeal to that. I enjoy playing with emo stuff despite not being a big fan of pink. Thanks for the freebie.